How It Works

4 steps to getting your one-of-a-kind prosthetic cover

Choose design

Find your favourite style in our collection or create a custom design together with us to bring your own design ideas to life. Hard to choose? We're happy to help and guide you to find the design that best suits your style and needs.

Add prosthetic info

In the order form, you provide us with details about your prosthesis. You can order yourself or ask your prosthetist for assistance. To create the most optimal fit, we ask for a 3D-scan, some photos and measurements of the prosthesis.

Your design coming to life

Based on your individual information and wishes, our designers customize the cover in shape, fit & pattern. You always receive a digital preview of the design over e-mail to check and approve before we move ahead with production.


After being 3D-printed, followed by several steps of careful manual post-processing, painting and finishing, your one-of-a-kind cover is delivered to you together with mounting instructions. Ready to rock your new prosthetic style!

How to order our prosthetic leg covers:

Ready to get started?

Find your favourite style

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