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Check out our latest collection of prosthetic leg covers! 16 designs - 4 style categories.

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There's no "one size fits all", especially when it comes to expressing who we are. That's why each and every one of our covers is tailored to you who will wear it - your individual anatomy, prosthetic setup and, of course, personal style. Created through digital craftmanship, 3D-technology and with a whole bunch of heart. Always.

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Find your favourite among Casual, Sporty, Dressy and Statement styles. 16 carefully created cover designs to choose from, all available in a wide range of colours and in two different materials.

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Let our designers help you put your ideas into reality with a custom design for your prosthetic cover. Read more about the custom process and how to get started!

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How does the cover attach to my prosthesis?

Our covers are attached by the use of an adapter that is mounted on the tube/pylon of your prosthesis. The cover then clicks on to the adapter. This is the ideal solution. If there is no access to a tube/pylon a custom solution will be manufactured to fit the unique components. In addition to the adapter attachment we also attach a rubber strap and/or a snap bracket to achieve the best fit to the prosthesis. The combination of adapter and rubber strap/snap bracket enables the best possibility for a good attachment and fit against the prosthesis. The solution also allows for normal adjustments of alignment on your prosthesis.

Are prosthetic covers reimbursable?

In many cases yes, but it depends on the country and even regions within the same country.  Many health insurance companies also reimburse prosthetic covers.
To know more about your options and opportunities when it comes to reimbursement, we recommend that you reach out to your prosthetist.

How durable are the prosthetic covers?

The durability of the covers depends mainly on how they are used and taken care of. Delicate and more open designs are more sensitive to shocks and impacts. If high impact sports or other similar activities are planned to be done, we advise you to temporarily remove the covers. This is easily done due to our mounting solution.

How long time does it take to receive my covers once I have placed my order?

Normally we deliver our covers between 4-8 weeks. Delivery time depends on various factors such as the quality of the scan and other data we need to design the fit. Fully custom generally takes two weeks longer 6-10 weeks than deigns from our collection. Design with foil wrap requires extra time. 5-9 weeks

The delivery date stated in the order confirmation must be seen as an estimate and may change.

As all our covers are created as one-of-a- kind pieces and on demand, delivery time also vary depending on the amount of incoming orders we have at the moment.

How are the covers made?

Our covers are designed individually for the best fit and experience. After a thorough digital design process, the cover is 3D-printed and post-processed, painted, coloured or foil wrapped, depending on the clients choice.

How is the shape and size of my cover determined?

Height is determined based on the prosthetic setup as well as the data we receive from the order form. In the order form, you have the possibility to specify the desired height of the cover for BK prostheses. If the desired height is not specified, we determine the height for the best possible silhouette and transition to the socket and/or sleeve, and it varies from case to case.

Circumference measurements and volume for covers are, as a starting point reduced by 10-15% compared to the circumference mesurements specified for the contralateral leg (if not bilateral prostheses). It is usually perceived as most pleasing to the eye to harmonize with the body. However, it is always the specific prosthetic setup – socket size, foot type and other components, that determine if and how much volume reduction is possible in each individual case.

If you have any specific wishes regarding fit and shape, you have the possibility to add this in the order form.

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